Hello! I’m Kaylene, an Arizona Birth Photographer

Arizona Birth Photographer

I’m Kaylene, an Arizona Birth Photographer serving the East Valley and Phoenix areas.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, imperfect perfectionist, dreamer, creator. But to be honest, I really dislike introduction posts. I could list some favorable qualities of mine and pretend like that’s enough to get to know me. But truthfully, that wouldn’t scratch the surface.

Like everyone else in this world, my identity and life experiences are much more complex than a few rosy paragraphs. I can say that I am only human – I have flaws and weaknesses. But I love to get real and connect with others at a deeper level than social norms allow. I dislike small talk and filler conversations, but my social anxiety often forces me to play it safe.

So I live for the moments when those barriers are broken down, allowing true connection and openness to take place. When the formalities and rules are forgotten.

And that is what I love so much about birth. Birth is real. Birth is raw. It is transformative, empowering, and primal. It is informal and unscripted. It is unforgiving and instinctual. It is sacred and ancient.

The people that are invited into the birth space will get to witness something truly remarkable. And I want to show others what it is that we see. To see the look on a new mother’s face as she meets the little person she has sacrificed so much for. The “holy shit, I actually did it!” moment, and the first embrace of mother and child…

So that is me and “my why.” I can’t wait to show the side of birth that I, and many others, see. And I hope as a whole, we can change the way society views birth. It isn’t something to hide and be shameful or fearful of – it should be celebrated and respected!

January 7, 2020



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