Mesa Arizona Birth Photography – Home Water Birth

I had the honor of documenting my very first birth last October. It was such a pinnacle moment for me to finally be doing this. I wasn’t online watching another birth video or looking at birth photos – I was THERE. And it felt so natural to be there, like I was in my element. I loved every moment of it!

This was a midwife-attended home birth in Mesa, Arizona. It was also a water birth – mama labored and birthed her baby in an inflatable pool set up in her bedroom.

Her husband was so tender, loving, and supportive towards her while she labored through a fast birth.

Baby made her entrance into the world only an hour after I arrived!

I love this sweet moment as mom, dad, and midwife check out baby.

Some bonding and snuggling before getting out of the birth pool.

Midwife helps dad cut the cord.

The first latch and some much needed rest!

This birth solidified my plans to become a birth photographer. If there were any doubts in my mind about this new venture of mine, they were completely erased after this night. These moments during and after birth are so special, and they deserve to be documented!

If you are thinking about hiring a birth photographer, please reach out to me by filling out the contact form below. I’m here to answer any questions you have about it!

January 9, 2020



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