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January 13, 2020

2020 IAPBP Image Competition

Each year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers hosts an image competition for its members to submit their best photos from the previous year. Although I am an IAPBP member, I originally was not planning on participating in the competition this year. 2019 was my first year photographing births, and there are some seriously talented and experienced birth photographers that submit to this contest – there’s no way I’ll even come close to ranking enough to win anything.

But then I remembered my resolution for myself this year – to think more positively, more confidently, and be fearless when pursuing my dreams. So, yes, I will be submitting a photo to the competition this year. Will I win? Probably not. But at least I faced my fears and tried. I can’t be successful without trying, right? Failure is just a necessary step along the way.

So, here are the photos I am considering submitting. I will only be submitting one, so I’ve got some narrowing down to do. Oh, and I waited until the last minute to decide to participate – the deadline for submissions is tonight at midnight! Leave a comment below with your favorite photo to help me decide!

Mama is supported by her husband as she breathes through a break in contractions.

Mom and dad admire their newest baby.

Mom, dad, and midwife checking out baby.

Some quiet snuggles before getting out of the birth pool.

Dad cutting the cord.

Mama and baby snuggle in for some rest and skin-to-skin.

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  1. Sara H says:

    They’re all so gorgeous and I love the emotions on Dad’s face but I think the b&w Dad supporting Mom through contractions stands out the most to me. Good luck!

  2. Ash-Lee says:

    These are incredible. What I love the most is that they are primarily in color. Most birthing photos can always be found in black and white, which is understandable but I love the “real” feeling of being able to see it all in color – it’s different and it’s powerful. Great job!

  3. Kelly says:

    I like the second one, “mom and dad admire their newest baby”. You can tell the baby just arrived and they both have that breathless look of pure joy that can only come from seeing your child for the first time. Priceless moment of overwhelming love and excitement!

  4. Amber says:

    I like “Mom and dad admire their newest baby” the most. Good luck!!

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