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August 14, 2020

Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot with Toddler in Gilbert, AZ – “One More to Adore”

I’ll admit – toddlers are my favorite age, but they are usually very difficult to photograph. They are like little emotional tornados creating chaos everywhere they go. But this soon-to-be big brother I photographed for a pregnancy announcement in Gilbert, Arizona was the perfect model! He sat (mostly) still and gave me a big cheesy grin at the camera when asked.

Ok, so he did crumple up his baby brother’s ultrasound picture into a ball when we asked him to hold it, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t know what he was doing. 😉

“Why is everyone so excited about this piece of paper??”

As a birth photographer, pregnancy announcement photoshoots just come with the territory, and I love being able to give the family a fun way to tell their friends and family the news! I offer complimentary pregnancy announcement photoshoots to any of my birth clients who book with me early in their pregnancy.

Pregnancy announcement shoots are not like a regular session where you spend a lot of time planning out outfits, locations, and poses for an hour or longer shoot. Simply show up to a local park with an ultrasound picture (if you have one). This session at the Riparian Reserve in Gilbert, Arizona was about 15 minutes from start to finish – super quick, easy, and stress-free! Of course, if you want to spend more time planning out an extravagant announcement shoot, that is totally ok too, but it doesn’t need to be if that’s not your style.

Interested in booking your pregnancy announcement or birth story with me? Use the contact form below so we can talk about what you are envisioning!

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