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It’s hard to believe the last birth I attended right before COVID19 changed everything was already 5 months ago! I wrote about this mama’s maternity session back in January, and it was pretty amazing to see her dedication to fitness pay off after pushing her baby out in less than 15 minutes.

These new parents are also friends of mine, so I got to attend their birth as both their photographer and friend. I arrived during the induction process and things seemed to be moving along pretty slowly. So we all talked, laughed, and shared stories. Almost out of nowhere, things suddenly ramped up to a 10 – and I mean literally, she was 10 centimeters and ready to meet their baby!

After some encouraging words from her husband and mother, this mama began pushing with so much grace and strength. Not even 15 minutes later and baby was in her arms.

I loved the connection and support I witnessed with this family. As mama was pushing baby out, her own mother was holding onto her arm while her husband held her hand. There was so much love bringing this baby into the world, and it was so beautiful!

Baby quickly made it very obvious that she was ready for mama’s milk when she started to lift her head all on her own and push her little body down her mother’s chest. This is called the breast crawl, and it’s pretty cool to see those basic survival instincts kick in not even an hour after birth.

After her first meal and lots of snuggling with mama, baby was totally relaxed and ready for her newborn exam. Look at that sweet face!

Bonus birth story video to watch the magic!

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August 22, 2020



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