I love to get real and connect with others beyond surface level. I dislike small talk and empty conversations, but my social anxiety often forces me to play it safe. So I live for the moments when those barriers are broken down, allowing true connection and openness to take place. When the formalities and rules are forgotten. And that is what I love so much about birth.

Birth is real and raw. It is transformative, empowering, and primal. It is informal, instinctual, and unscripted. The people that are invited into the birth space will get to witness something magical. And I want to show others what it is that we see. To see the look on a new mother's face as she meets her child for the first time. The "holy shit, I actually did it!" moment. The first embrace of mother and child, father and child, and two partners beginning a new chapter in their lives together. These moments deserve to be documented and remembered!


Let's be real - I could write about all of my positive traits and pretend like that's enough to get to know me, but truthfully, that would feel misleading. So here is the real me, faults and all:

I am a dreamer and a creator. I overthink things to a fault. I am blunt and honest; if not with my words, than with the expressions on my face. My sense of humor is dry, sarcastic, and sometimes misunderstood. I love a glass of wine after a long day. I have no self-control when there is a pizza in front of me... or mac n cheese. I just really love cheese in general. I can be completely unmotivated at times, but when it comes to something I am passionate about, there is no stopping me.

I love the stars and have always felt a deep draw to the universe. I believe we are all connected with every living thing, the planet we coexist on, and the universe it floats through. My favorite quote: "From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?" - Nietzsche

I'm Kaylene

The way a person births their baby into the world is a deeply personal decision, and not one for me, or anyone else, to judge. Your baby's birth story deserves to be told in a beautiful and artistic way, regardless of how they get here. Hospital birth, birth center, home birth, cesarean, epidural, induction, unassisted - those are all details that don't make your baby's birth any less special! As a birth photographer, I believe it is my job to be there to document YOUR story exactly the way it unfolds. I have complete trust in the birthing process and in the birthing person.

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