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I am a fully certified birth photographer and videographer. I am also a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. I have extensive knowledge on the birthing process and space, and know how to navigate appropriately within it, so as not to disrupt or distract the birthing person. Birth stories are something I am truly passionate about, and it is my goal tell every client's story in the most beautiful way!


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Due to the unpredictability of the on-call life, I only take on a limited number of births per month. I allow bookings as early as twelve weeks into your pregnancy, and the sooner you book, the better! Only a small percentage of the total cost is needed to reserve your spot in my calendar, while the remaining can be paid off in a flexible payment arrangement.

Birth photography collections start at $895, with the option to add videography starting at $350. Collection upgrades and additional products and services are also available upon request.

Some of my collections include complimentary maternity and newborn sessions. Please fill out the contact form below to inquire for more information on pricing and availability.


You can book with me as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy, and the sooner the better! Because of the unpredictable nature of birth, I only take on a limited number of clients per month. So it's important to book with me as soon as you can, before the availability in your due date month fills up. Booking earlier in your pregnancy also gives you so much more flexibility in your payment plan options!

When in my pregnancy should I book you?

Yes! I only require a small portion to be paid initially as a retainer, so I can reserve your on-call dates in my calendar. After that, payment plan options are pretty flexible. We can figure out whatever works for you. Some families even put birth photography on their baby registries! If this is something you're interested in, I can help you get that set up at no extra cost. I also have financing options available through PayPal Credit, so there's lots of options!

Do you offer payment plans?

I have been trained to navigate around extremely low lighting, which is common in the birth space. I also have advanced camera equipment specifically for poor lighting conditions. You will not have to sacrifice the calm, serene birth you are dreaming of in order to have amazing, professional-looking photos.

What if I want to labor in low-lighting?

Healthy communication is so important here! As we approach your due date, I will start to check in more frequently. It is crucial that you keep me updated on any changes, so that I'm aware if things are looking like they may be happening soon. Even if it ends up being a false alarm - that's ok! It's part of my job.

I take on-call life very seriously, and even make lifestyle changes when I am waiting for a birth. Don't feel bad - it's a sacrifice I am happy to make for a job I love! I will have my camera bags packed, my batteries charged, and my on-call sitter ready to watch my son at a moment's notice. Whether you go into labor day or night, I will be there!

If for some reason I am not able to make it to your birth, I will call in my backup photographer to fill in for me. In the event of a very fast labor, and I do not have enough time to get to your location, I will show up as soon as possible to document all the moments that occur after the birth. I will also come back later for a complimentary fresh 48 or lifestyle newborn session, so that you still get a full photo gallery.

What if you miss the birth?

Once I have been notified that active labor has begun, I will head over. There are a number of different indicators that can tell us if active labor has started. We'll talk about all of this in more detail during your consultation.

Once I am there to document your story, I will stay as long as needed until baby arrives. If there ends up being a lot of downtime in the event of a long labor, I will step out occasionally to give you some privacy. I'm pretty good at reading a room, and know when I should put the camera down and allow for some alone-time. After your baby is born, I will stay for up to 2 hours postpartum to catch all the beautiful moments that happen during the golden hour and newborn exam.

When will you arrive and how long will you stay?

Respecting my client's privacy is a huge deal to me. I will never share any photos that you want to remain private. My model release form for birth stories is written specifically with birth in mind. We can customize it to fit your comfort level. If you're comfortable with me sharing any photos that don't contain nudity, we can make that happen. If you're comfortable with me sharing only certain images that contain nudity (for example, if you're ok with breastfeeding images, but not crowning images), we can make that happen too. And if you're not comfortable with me sharing any of the photos from your birth story, we can omit the model release form altogether.

I do strongly encourage my birth clients to give permission for me to share at least some photos from their birth. It allows us to help break the stigma that birth is "gross" or "scary," and should be kept secretive. It also helps bring awareness to different types of births and empowers women to make informed decisions about their own births. HOWEVER, I will always respect my client's wishes to decline signing a model release.

What if I don't want you to share the photos from my birth?

We will talk about all of your wishes and preferences during your consultation with me. If you want my camera all up in the action during the moment of birth, I can do that. If you want your birth photos to be more modest and without putting your personal business on display, I can do that too! It's all about the right angles and composition. Birth photography is so much more than just "crotch shots." I have taken several extensive courses specifically focused on birth photography and how to maneuver around the birth space to get flattering angles. If you don't want graphic birth images, and instead want me to focus on capturing the emotions and connections in the room, I can totally make that happen.

But what if I don't want photos of... you know... THAT?

This is why I try not to show up until active labor has started! By the time I get there, you'll be off in labor-land and likely won't even notice my presence. Most moms admit after they've given birth that they forgot their photographer was there. It's my goal to be a fly on the wall as much as possible. I will make every effort to not get in anyone's way and will not engage in conversation (unless of course you want to talk to me through labor as a coping method, then I'm there for you!).

Birth photography is a photojournalistic style of photography, which means I am there to document your story, not direct the scenes. I won't be asking you or your partner to do certain poses, or look at the camera. Being a certified birth photographer also means I have been educated on proper etiquette in the birth space. I know when to step back and let your birth team do their jobs, and I know what equipment I shouldn't stand near.

Won't it be weird/distracting having a photographer in the room?

Sure, if you don't mind sacrificing a lot of things that are probably important to you. If you've hired a doula, are you ok with them spending time away from you to take enough photos to capture your birth story? What about those super intense moments of birth where you need their support? You won't have photos of those moments. And don't you want your spouse to be in the photos too? They are just as much a part of this story, and are also meeting their child for the first time. What about your family member or friend? Chances are, if they're important enough to be invited into your birth space, they're important enough to want to be by your side offering support, instead of snapping pics on their phones.

And we haven't even gotten into the quality aspect yet. Yes, today's cell phones can take some amazing photos. But only if you have a lot of high-quality light, which most birth spaces do not have. Ever try to take a photo on your phone in dim lighting and were disappointed with all the grain and blur? Phone cameras simply do not perform well in poor lighting conditions. And don't even think about using those photos to print some heirloom-quality albums or framed wall art. The quality may look okay on your phone, but as soon as they're enlarged for print, their faults suddenly become very obvious.

Can't my doula/spouse/family member/friend take photos for me?

This is one of the most monumental days of your life - more important than even your wedding day! You are meeting your baby and bringing a whole new person into the world. The emotions, feelings, sensations, and physical changes are all very intense. All of this tends to make the memories from this day hazy at best, but sometimes downright nonexistent.

There will be SO many beautiful moments from your baby's birth that are worth capturing! Moments like you being a badass and roaring through a powerful contraction, your partner supporting you, the look on your face the moment you meet your baby, the look on your partner's face, the sweet and snuggly skin-to-skin afterwards, the first feeding, the look on your children's faces when they meet their newest sibling. These moments deserve to be documented so you and your family can enjoy them forever!

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