so let me show you.

You have a story that couldn't possibly be told fully with words...

There's this feeling that one of the most monumental days of your life is soon approaching. Of unconditionally loving someone you've never met. Of selflessly sharing your body with another. Sacrificing your comfort, your time, your abilities. It's an amazing feeling, and one that doesn't come without its challenges, but it's welcome nonetheless.


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This is the moment you have spent exhausting days and sleepless nights waiting for. When everything you have endured up until now suddenly becomes worth it. And you realize, "I actually did it!" This is the part of the story everyone has been so invested in. This is the moment you meet a piece of your heart. The moment of your transformation.


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This love is endless. It fills your whole heart and warms your soul. It gives you purpose. And a fiery, relentless desire to protect this little being with every bit of strength and courage in you. It surprises even yourself. Bringing out qualities within you that you never knew existed. Suddenly it's hard to imagine the life you knew before this love.


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remember the way
 they looked.

remember the way they looked.

When these moments are gone and the memories have faded

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